As a valued customer of Bigair Gymsports please read the following Terms and Conditions:

I have voluntarily accepted and assumed the inherent risk, danger and injury in Gymsports / Cheersports and associated activities.  I understand BIGAIR will take due care, but will not be held liable for any injury sustained to my child while in the care of BIGAIR.

  1. In the event of an accident or illness where I am not present, if considered advisable by Bigair staff, I request that medical attention be secured at my expense and prompt notification be sent to me.

  2. I declare my child is medically and physically fit and does not suffer from any injury, disease or condition, either physical or mental that would affect his or her ability to safely participate in any authorised or recognised activities of BIGAIR. If I am unsure about this declaration, or my child does suffer from such a condition I am aware that I must bring it to the attention of BIGAIR immediately before the enrolment into a class at Bigair is completed.

  3. I indemnify BIGAIR from all claims, losses and expenses (including legal costs) suffered or incurred at any time as a result of, or resulting directly or indirectly from, myself or my child’s failure to observe the rules, policies, guidelines and reasonable directions of BIGAIR staff members.

  4. I understand that our personal details will be held by BIGAIR and that this information will be held confidentially by Bigair Gym and will not be used in any way without my authorisation.

  5. I agree that BIGAIR may from time to time use photographs, digital imaging or video media that may include my child, for the promotion of Gymsports and Cheersports. All media will be tastefully and respectfully used, however, this will only be done once my authorisation has been given.


Bigair Gyms class bookings and policies.

  1. Payment must be made for all gym bookings at the time of the booking. No bookings will be held open, only bookings with full payments will be processed.

  2. A Bigair Gym booking is a commitment to a full terms enrolment or advanced booking into a Holiday Programme session, which is a non-refundable commitment agreed to at the time of the booking. A refund or credit will only be approved if a medical certificate is supplied and it is necessary for the booking to be cancelled for the remainder of the term. A medical certificate supplied for absence midway through a term for only a minimum number of weeks will not qualify for a refund or credit as the position in that class will have been held open for the continuation of the term.

  3. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to

  4. Changing between classes may be permitted at the discretion of Bigair Gym, provided there is sufficient space in the required class. There is no charge for changing between classes.

  5. If your child is booked into gym and is shy or struggling to take part, then please inform the gym office. In these instances, parents often want to pull their child out of class immediately, however children can take up to a term or more to settle into gym as it is a new experience. Children gain so much self-confidence, pride and self-esteem from their gym achievements so persisting is worth it for the benefit of the child long-term. It’s important that parents make Bigair Gym coaches aware if this is the situation, so that they can support your child as Bigair Gym is committed to helping your child gain all the benefits of gym, and this is the first step before a refund or credit is considered.

  6. If your child is away for a session or more because they are not well or for personal reasons, no makeup class, refund or credit will be given for missed attendance. Bigair Gymsports contracts coaches for the full term according to the number of gym enrolments in each class so when your term booking is made, a spot is booked for the full term for your child whether they attend or not.

  7. If your child is injured outside of the gym or becomes significantly unwell and cannot continue with their gym sessions for the remainder of the term, then please inform the gym office immediately with a medical certificate and a request will then be made to the directors for removal of your child from the remaining gym sessions, and a credit or refund may be approved.

  8. If a refund is approved by Bigair Gym, a $30 refund fee will be applied. This processing fee covers all expenses charged to Bigair Gymsports at the time that your payment was processed.

  9. If a refund is approved by Bigair Gymsports and your child is removed from the class, then the refund will be made via internet transfer and will include the refund fee of $30, and the remaining weeks of the term will be calculated at a pro-rata rate to establish the amount of the refund or credit. Bigair Gym requires 48 hours’ notice for discontinuation of a class term booking and the credit or refund (or pro-rata rate) will be based on this.

  10. All accepted refunds and credits are calculated based on the date that the gym office is informed, plus 48 hours’ notice given to establish a refunding pro-rata rate, plus the $30 refund fee (for refunds only). Bigair Gym will not accept any requests for refunds or credits that are back dated, in the instance that the Bigair Gym office has not been officially notified in writing at the time that the customer discontinued attending classes. Consequently, if the Bigair Gym office is notified with a medical certificate at a later date once a customer has already not attended sessions without informing the office then no refund or credit will be accepted based on arrears.


Bigair Gyms Holiday Programme bookings and policies;

  1. Payment must be made at the time of the Holiday Programme booking. No Bookings will be accepted without full payment.

  2. If you book in for a full week including full day sessions and 5 consecutive working days, then you will receive the full week 20% discount on your Holiday Programme booking at Bigair Gym.

  3. Bigair Gym will change a Holiday Programme booking to an alternative day without any extra charges applied.

  4. All Holiday Programme bookings must be made in advance. If a booking is requested for that same day, then it will only be accepted if the Holiday Programme is not full and there is available space.

  5. A credit or refund will only be given if a medical certificate is supplied.

  6. If a holiday programme session is cancelled or changed less than a week before the date of the session, it is up to Bigair Gyms discretion as to whether a credit will be offered for this booking. No refunds will be issued without a medical certificate. Non-attendance is not eligible for a credit or refund.

  7. If a child becomes unwell on the day of a booked Holiday Programme session, then the gym office must be notified before 9am and it is up to Bigair Gyms discretion as to whether a credit will be offered for this booking. No refunds will be issued without a medical certificate.

  8. Children must not be dropped off any earlier than 8.30am and picked up no later than 5.30pm. Late pick up will incur a fee of $10 per 15 minutes.

  9. If a request for a refund is accepted by Bigair Gym then a $30 refund fee will be applied. This processing fee is to cover all expenses charged to Bigair Gymsports at the time that your payment was processed.

  10. Bigair Gym is closed for Public Holidays that fall on weekdays during the school holidays.


Class Trials

Trial classes are only arranged by the gym office if there is a space in a class to cater for a trial. Many of Bigair Gyms classes do become fully booked so trials are not always possible.

No trials are scheduled during the first two weeks of term. However, it is possible for trials to be scheduled for some preschool classes but only at Bigair Gyms discretion knowing which classes can cater for trials early on in the term so please call the office to discuss.



  1. A discount of 10% applies to families with 3 or more children attending a term of Bigair Gym classes. Discounts do not apply to one person doing 3 or more classes.

  2. If you book in for a full week including full day sessions and 5 working days, then you will receive the full week 20% discount on your Holiday Programme booking at Bigair Gym.

  3. Discounts do not apply to Crashmat Kids or Adult Classes, or 3 children or more booking into the Holiday Programme for a full week (who already receive the full week 20% discount).

  4. Only one discount can be applied to a booking or payment at any given time.


Pro-rata payments

This applies to full term classes offered by Bigair Gym including (but not restricted to) Pocket Rockets, Gravity Busters, Flipzone, Team Extreme, Tumbling and Trampoline.

  1. All registrations up to the end of the 2nd week of the term will be charged at the Full Term Fee. This policy has been set to ensure that bookings are made prior to the term beginning, allowing Bigair Gym time to schedule the necessary numbers of staff to accommodate your booking.

  2. Pro-rata term fees apply from the beginning of week 3.

  3. Bigair Gym offers Full Term Bookings. Part term bookings are seldom accepted but if you require a part term enrolment because you are heading away or for some other personal reason then please contact the gym office to make a request, but please be aware that this may only be accepted at the sole discretion of BIGAIR.


Requests for late gym bookings

Bigair Gym has become well known for its popularity, so it is recommended that booking are made early to avoid disappointment and missing out on a class that you love. Late bookings requested once the term has already begun can only be made if there is space in a class. Once classes are full no allowances can be made for extras for any reason as classes are restricted by safety ratios.


Public Holidays and Pricing

The price for each term is based on the number of weeks in a term. Some terms are 11 weeks, 10 weeks and 9 weeks, so the prices are adjusted accordingly. Pricing is also adjusted to accommodate no charge for Public Holidays that fall on the day that your class is scheduled.  Therefore, prices will fluctuate from term to term depending on the number of weeks in each term and for classes that encounter a Public Holiday. The prices for classes are set by Bigair Gym and can be adjust at any time at the discretion of Bigair Gym.


Bigair Gym Birthday Parties

  1. Payment must be made in full at the time of booking to secure the birthday party time slot and date.

  2. The cancellation of a booked and fully paid party within 3 weeks of the party date will incur a $50 cancellation and processing fee.

  3. The cancellation of a booked party at Bigair Gym outside of the 3 week period prior to the party booking, will incur a $20 processing fee which will be subtracted from the total refund.

  4. Food setup and pack up must strictly happen within the party time slot, while kids are doing activities with host.

  5. Bookings are subject to availability and are very popular so booking 6 months in advance is recommended.

  6. Cost includes private facility hire and an experienced Bigair Gym Party Host to run or assist with your child’s birthday party

  7. No adults are allowed on the Bigair Gym equipment.

  8. Birthday party bookings are not transferable and may not be on-sold to another buyer.

  9. Birthday Party customers and everyone invited must agree to and comply with Bigair Gyms Terms and Conditions.

  10. No refund will be offered after the party date for children not turning up to the party or non-attendance on the day of the party.



All members must read, accept and sign the Bigair Gym Cheer Information Handbook given out at the time of booking or at the start of each new season. Cheer is a team sport so the commitment signed and agreed to in the Information Handbook is for a full year’s membership and is important, as it highlights the significant commitment that is required for a team to excel in this sport. It also outlines the importance that each team member brings to trainings with a personal high work ethic towards training and towards supporting their team as they work together.

There are no refunds or credits for withdrawals or non-attendance for Cheer at Bigair Gym. If discontinuation is requested to the Bigair Gym office by a cheer customer, then any outstanding money owed and/or the current and/or remaining terms monthly fees are required to be paid within 7 working days in full from the date that the office is notified. If discontinuation is requested as a result of injury then the Bigair Gym office must be informed immediately and Bigair Gyms refunds and credits policies for Gym Bookings apply.

If a cheerleader, who is also doing a tumbling class (on a monthly AP full year enrolment) withdraws from a tumbling class before the month end, then no offer of a refund will be given.