Hi Laura, 

It was the most stress free birthday to date! So really good. Kids had a ball.

Will definitely do it again!




Good afternoon,

I held my daughter Eleanor’s birthday party at Bigair Gymsports yesterday morning (Sunday 25 February).

I just wanted to say that she and her friends had a wonderful time, and my husband and I really appreciated how easy the whole thing was. The host (whose name I forget, I’m afraid) was a lovely, friendly young woman who was so good with the children. Maintaining control of 15 six-year-olds isn’t an easy task, and she did it so well. We also noticed that the kitchen and bathroom facilities were all clean and well maintained.

We will definitely be recommending Bigair Gymsports to our friends.



Hi William & Leanne

I have felt prompted to say a huge thanks to you both for all that you do.  I have watched Bigair grow under your management and I think it is one of the best gyms out there, offering so many different options and opportunities for young people. You can tell it is lead by people who are genuinely interested in providing a quality product and who care about those who come through their doors.  I am thrilled you have been able to expand the business, offering opportunities for even more people to experience Bigair.

More recently I just have to say how impressed I was with the United Cheer competition.  How you managed to keep everything running to time and so smoothly was amazing.  No easy feat I bet!  You set the bar very high with regards to my expectations of cheer competitions (this being the first one Emma has been involved in).  What was also lovely was how each team member who placed received a medal.    It is something that each athlete can cherish.

Williams, I remember at Beth’s funeral when we were chatting afterwards you said who would have ever thought you would have ended up being a gym coach.  Well I am glad that you are (and so is Emma!) and you must know that you and Leanne are so much more than that – you are the leaders of a fantastic organisation that provides such wonderful opportunities to so many young people.

So keep doing what you are doing!

Megan Chisholm

Hi Georgia,

I brought my daughter to her first gym class with you yesterday afternoon and I was completely blown away by your class and your amazing staff. I've never seen a group of kids so excited to be in a class - my daughter tried everything enthusiastically and willingly (quite the surprise!) and had the most wonderful time. The first thing she asked me when she woke up this morning was if we could go to gym this afternoon. The effort that you all put into to encouraging the kids, particularly the ones who were timid or upset was incredible. I was there with two friends and their 5 year olds and we have all come away feeling like we've hit the jackpot of gym classes. Your staff put you miles ahead of any other gym.

Thank you so much,


Hi William

I just wanted to thank you and all your coaches for such amazing dedication and hard work with all the cheer teams.  There is such a huge sense of pride and belonging at Big Air.  The results today were amazing and a tribute to the comitment you all have to the children.  They all know you believe in their capabilities, and their ability to be successful and have their cheer dreams come true!  It is so joyous to watch the togetherness, care, connection, praise, genuine concern, love, and support between the girls.  Not to mention the sheer fun, excitment, and delight I see on their faces!  I love what cheer does for their self esteem, confidence and personal growth.  You are all helping to grow amazing children and I am so grateful that this opportunity is afforded to Olivia.
I recently asked Olivia what she most loved about cheer, (I thought perhaps she would say, "tumbling").  Instead, without pausing, she answered..."It's the relationship - I need my team and they need me, and I love that connection". 
Thank you again for making the hugest diffence right now and being the role models that the children will take into adulthood tomorrow.  It is so heart warming to watch!

Kindest Regards

Trudi Lovett

The party was excellent!  Jack was a great host, with a perfect mix of age-appropriate games and attentive supervision during free play sessions - please thank him again from us!  The kids all had an absolute blast!  
The use of the kitchen, including the fridge, was ideal and much appreciated.  I'd definitely recommend you to others!

Thank you :)