Cheerleading is the fastest growing sport in the USA and is one of the most exciting sports building in New Zealand today. 

Bigair Cheersports was Wellington’s first dedicated Cheerleading facility with qualified coaches and an international standard equipped gymnasium with fully sprung 9 strip floors, tumble tracks and air floors.

Bigair has been running a fun cheerleading programme since 2006 and established Bigair Cheersports as a premier recreational and competitive programme early 2009.

Bigair Cheersports cheerleading programmes are all about energy, teamwork, performance, new friends and having lots of fun.   

Our cheerleading programme has grown significantly over the last 2 years and this has brought many successes nationally and internationally. Our coaches so so dedicated to the sport and ensuring that the children have the best chance possible of achieving theirs and the teams goals.

If you want to be involved in the newest and most exciting programmes in New Zealand contact us NOW! 


Terms and Conditions

All members must read, accept and sign the Bigair Gym Cheer Information Handbook given out at the time of booking or at the start of each new season. Cheer is a team sport so the commitment signed and agreed to in the Information Handbook is for a full year’s membership and is important, as it highlights the significant commitment that is required for a team to excel in this sport. It also outlines the importance that each team member brings to trainings with a personal high work ethic towards training and towards supporting their team as they work together.

There are no refunds or credits for withdrawals or non-attendance for Cheer at Bigair Gym. If discontinuation is requested to the Bigair Gym office by a cheer customer, then any outstanding money owed and/or the current and/or remaining terms monthly fees are required to be paid within 7 working days in full from the date that the office is notified. If discontinuation is requested as a result of injury then the Bigair Gym office must be informed immediately and Bigair Gyms refunds and credits policies for Gym Bookings apply.

If a cheerleader, who is also doing a tumbling class (on a monthly AP full year enrolment) withdraws from a tumbling class before the month end, then no offer of a refund will be given.